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Observatory with PlaneWave telescope system and observatory for research and science

PlaneWave for Research and Science

The PlaneWave technology has defined new milestones for scientific astronomical applications and highly increased the number of users. Thanks to PlaneWave, schools, universities and research-intensive companies can now think of using observatories or high-end technologies that were previously impossible for financial reasons. Commercial users can invest in future technologies that were previously only possible with much smaller telescopes due to the enormous financial investments.
With its telescopes, PlaneWave provides an optical and technical basis which, in combination with Baader dome technology, leads to turnkey solutions that let you enjoy the quality of the optics and the entire technology for many years. Sustainability is not a buzzword here, but reality. We would be pleased to demonstrate this to you with reference projects from research observatories, some of which have been in use for decades.

Recommended Range of Products:

Starting at PlaneWave CDK17 up to CDK24 / L-Mount.

Advantages with PlaneWave

PlaneWave Telescopes

Area of Application:

  • Professional astrophotography and data acquisition
  • Scientific observations and analysis
  • Schools, universities
  • Observatories – for upgrades or turnkey
  • Research intensive institutes and companies