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RC700 Ritchey Chretien f/6.5

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Price: € 197,005.86
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PlaneWave RC700 Ritchey Chretien f/6.5

The PlaneWave RC700,a 0.7 meter Alt/Az telescope system with Ritchey-Chrétien (RC) optics. PlaneWave have combined Ritchey-Chrétien optics with PlaneWave's direct-drive alt/az mount technology to set a new standard for research-class observatory telescopes.

PlaneWave's CDK astrographs have become the telescopes of choice for universities, industry, and astrophotographers around the world. Now PlaneWave offers the PW-RC series to meet the custom needs of the scientific community. More about the optical design (Verlinkung).

The PW700-RC in its native format (no field flattening lenses) uses only mirror with reflective coatings. This can be useful when making observations primarily on-axis and wide field imaging is not a concern.

With high-resolution encoders providing the feedback for the direct drive motors, not only will the telescope track without periodic error or have any backlash at all, but the mount will be able to counter against wind gusts. The direct drive motors can move the telescope at incredible speeds for tracking satellites or just to minimize target acquisition time.

The telescope is also available in fused silica optic and infrared optimized.


  • Pinpoint stars out to a 70mm image circle
  • Direct-drive motors on each axis for smooth, fast, and virtually silent movement of the telescope. Direct Drive motors mean that there are no gears to cause backlash and periodic error
  • High resolution encoders on each axis for precise positioning
  • Incorporates PointXP mount modeling software by Dave Rowe All ASCOM compatible.
  • Dual Nasmyth focus, allowing simultaneous mounting of two instruments or easy switching between visual and imaging use
  • integrated rotator for the tertiary mirror, with magnetic locks to position the mirror precisely for either Nasmyth focus position. The rotator can move from one port to the other in under 10 seconds.
  • Field de-rotator / rotational field framing

Benefits of Nasmyth Focus: The Nasmyth Focus is along the altitude axis so there are virtually no balancing issue as you change out equipment. Eyepieces remain at a constant wheelchair-accessible height, greatly simplifying access to the telescope for public observatories. The rotating tertiary mirror allows you to switch from one Nasmyth port to the other in just seconds, allowing observers to easily transition between imaging and visual use

Fused Silica


Optical Design
Ritchey-Chrétien (RC)
Aperture (mm)
27.56" (700 mm)
Focal Length
4.540 mm (175.74 inch)
Focal Ratio
Back Focus Distance
12.2" (309 mm) from Mounting Surface
Central Obstruction
47% of the Primary Mirror Diameter
Fused Silica
Optical Tube Weight
1200 lbs (544 kg)
No mount (OTA only)
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