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PlaneWave telescope system in open Baader Planetarium AllSky Dome in front of mountain landscape with night sky

Baader Turnkey Domes (2.1 – 8.5 Meter)

  • Turnkey domes (2.1 – 8.5 Meter) are available as classic observation (slit) dome or as AllSky domes
  • Includes all steps to a fully functional remote (robotic) controlled observatory: Consulting on dome model and building sites, suggestion on equipment such as mount, telescope and accessories, transport and installation
  • Various electronic features possiple, from classic observartory use over remote controlled internet use up to fully robotic and autonomical dome
  • Customized to your needs, suitable for all kinds of uses, for amateur use but also schools, universities and science

More about Baader Turnkey Domes (2.1 – 8.5 m)

Baader Planetarium Allsky Dome observatory in sunset
Baader Planetarium Sealed Solution: Installation, Telescopes, Domes, Accessories

Individually tailored to you

In nearly 50 years we have specialized in the construction of complete observatories and can help you with a great experience for your observatory project. Measured by the small market, we delivered a large number of domes during this period, many of them turnkey. Ask for our solution for your observatory.

Baader Observatories Map

On our Observatory World Map, which will continuosly be extended with new and partly even more old observatory installations,  you can see with many pictures and information all installations which we may present – divided into the categories Private Observatories, Research and Education, and Public Observatories.

In the Category Telescopes / -Mounts we also show selected large installations (mostly with PlaneWave telescopes) without Baader domes.

Discover what the owners of our domes have to say about their observatory (even after decades).

Discover Baader Observatories