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Screenshot of the PlaneWave Interface Software: Temperature curve

Behind every great telescope and mount lies a great control program that keeps everything running in Sync. PlaneWave Interface (PWI3) is the one software you will need to monitor and control you CDK inside and out.

PWI3 gives you remote control of you Hedrick focuser, rotating focuser (IRF90), on-board fans and internal dew heaters (optional Delta-T) as well as continually monitoring internal and external temperature sensors.


Software & Updates

Screenshot of the PlaneWave Interface software: Monitoring and control

Now you can focus your focuser, rotate your instrumentation to find a guide star, set your dew heater to turn on at a desired temperature,  all from the comfort of your observatory control room.

No matter if your telescope is in your backyard or being controlled remotely from 1,000 miles away, PWI3 will keep you in control.

PWI Software has a tab to control each device connected to your telescope.