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With more than twice the light-gathering power of the DeltaRho 350, maximizing the performance of your astrograph has never been easier. This f/3 wide-field telescope with 1537 mm focal length brings you to the next level of astrophotography with large sensors and without the limitations of prime focus devices.

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We can currently deliver PlaneWave telescopes of the observatory class from CDK17"-24" as well as observatory mounts including accessories from stock at short notice. Ask us for your individual offer!

CDK17 f/6.8 Astrograph

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CDK20 f/6.8 Astrograph

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CDK24 f/6.5 Astrograph

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The L-Series from PlaneWave

Do you want to take impressive astrophotos, track fast satellites or observe objects without a fixed orbit? Then the L-series is the right choice, and at the same time very easy to operate and maintain.

L-Series for CDK20 & CDK 17

About the L-500 Direct Drive Mount

L-Series for CDK14 & CDK12.5

About the L-350 Direct Drive Mount
Delta Rho 350

This f/3 telescope with Cassegrain focus has only 1,050 mm focal length at 350 mm aperture for stunning results in widefield astrophotography.

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Professional high class telescopes for space applications, research institutes and high end amateurs.

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Turn-key Observatories

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With 50+ years of experience, Baader Planetarium provides turn-key observatory solutions that include services from conceptualization up to installation and training. Depending on your application and mission parameters, we can also guide you through the process, including selection of the optimal equipment and software that is controlled by our Observatory Management System (OMS).

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