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T-600 Direct Drive Gimbal Montierung

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T-600 Direct Drive Mount

The PlaneWave T-600 gimbal is engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. The T-600 is capable of carrying payloads on each side of the altitude axis for applications where multiple instruments are necessary. With rugged environments in mind, the T-600 comes standard with 2-layer non-contact sealing at each motion-surface to prevent water (light-to-moderate rain) and debris entry.

The mount is equipped with direct drives motors as well as high-resolution encorders. The software is ASCOM compatible and the direct drive motors can move the telescope at incredible speeds for tracking satellites.

In its Alt/Az configuration it is considerably more compact than its equatorial counterpart, allowing a larger telescope to fit in a smaller enclosure. The mass it takes to make a rigid alt/az mount is substantially less, leading to cost savings. Unlike German Equatorial mounts, there are no meridian flips to deal with, and no  large protruding counterweights to create a dangerous hazard in a public observatory. Alt/Az is more intuitive to use and no polar alignment is needed.

  • Alt/Az, Alt/Alt, or equatorial Direct Drive Mount
  • Load capacity of 600 lbs (272 kg)
  • Direct-drive motors on each axis for smooth, fast, and virtually silent movement of the telescope
  • Acceleration up to 70 degrees/second/second
  • Velocity up to 150 degrees/second
  • High resolution encoders on each axis for precise positioning
  • Zero backlash and zero periodic error
  • PointXP mount modeling software
  • Enclosed electronics with optional rubberized seals for ruggedization
  • Through the mount cabling


*The T-600 performance specifications - due to higher bandwidth drives, higher torque motors and a far more rigid body of the gimbal - are very conservative and are currently based on the performance of the L-series PlaneWave Gimbals.


Manufacturer SKU
Acceleration (Azimuth and Altitude)
70 degrees per second/second (depends upon installed payload induced moment of inertia)
Up to 150 degrees per second
Pointing Accuracy
<10-arcsecond RMS with PointXP Model
Pointing Precision
arcseconds at sidereal velocity
Open Loop Tracking Accuracy
0.2 arcseconds RMS over 300 second exposure at siderial rate
Open Loop Axis Following Error
<0.15 arcseconds RMS at sidereal rate, <0.3 arcseconds RMS at 1 degree per second, <2 arcseconds RMS at 10 degrees per second
Internal Servo-Loop (Drive to Motor)
10 kHz cascaded velocity/position controller, PID + Filters
Software Command Round-Trip
5 - 25 msec (depending on application)
System Natural Frequency
20 Hz or greater
Alt-Azimuth / Equatorial Direct-Drive Mount
605 lbs / 274kg
Max. Load Capacity
600 lbs / 272kg (with payload limited to 100 kg-m² moment per port with center of gravity ≤ 15 inches from mounting surface and an lowest eigenmode frequency of 20 Hz. i.e. dual mounted CDK24 telescopes are compatible)
34” x 20” x 23.5” / 86,4cm x 50,8cm x 59,7cm (HxDxW)
Latitude Range
0 to 90 degrees, Northern and Southern hemispheres
Motor Torque (Azimuth and Altitude)
127 ft-lbs (peak)
Azimuth Axis Range of Motion
660 degrees (optional limitless range available)
Altitude Axis Range of Motion
Fully Adjustable (-45 to +225 degree default range)
Cable Management
Through-the-mount cabling
Coudé Path
Optional (limits elevation axis range of motion to 180 degrees)
Power Requirement
100 to 240 VAC (50-60 Hz)
Operating Temperature Range
-30 C to +50 C
Storage Temperature Range
-50 C to +70 C
Gimbal Assembly
Fully CNC machined construction (Surface finish treated with UV resistant coating on all exposed metal surfaces)
Default Weatherization
2-Layer non-contact labrynth sealing at each motion-surface to prevent water (light-to-moderate rain) and debris entry.*Optional rubber seals may be added for further ruggedization.
Azimuth Bearing
4-way loaded radial ball bearings
Altitude Bearing
4-way loaded radial ball bearings
Instrument Mounting
Breadboard plate on both mounting surfaces (see interface document for complete mounting information)
Lifting Points
Present for lifting in “any orientation”
Drive Electronics (Azimuth and Altitude)
Elmo Motion Control Systems industrial grade off-the-shelf brushless motor drives
Motors (Azimuth and Altitude)
Each axis includes a double stacked direct-drive 3 phase axial-flux torque motor
Encoders (Azimuth and Altitude)
Renishaw 255 mm diameter, 26-bit absolute encoder ring with readhead
User Interface
PlaneWave Interface 4 (PWI4) Control Software with integrated PointXP mount modeling software by Dave Rowe. Includes ASCOM driver.
Time Source Recommendation
GPS Time Card, or PTP Server

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