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Instrument Multi Port IMP85

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Instrument Multi Port IMP85

This device is a direct spinoff of our remote observatory developments.

The ability to get multiple benefits from a telescope opens up whole new worlds for remote observatories as well as amateur astronomers or regular observatories.

A remote observatory never has to be reconfigured again: A unit can now be equipped with a deepsky astro camera, a planetary camera and a spectrograph without having to request conversion time from the staff.An observatory with public shows can finally leave the camera permanently on the main telescope and still use it for observations with guests without any problems. After the guided tours, there is no time necessary for cleaning up and rebuilding the equipment - the telescope can be used immediately for astrophotography at the touch of a button. The possibilities of this system are as diverse as the fields of work in astronomy.


Important note: On request, the product is available in approx. 4-8 weeks. If you are interested, please send us an enquiry incl. contact details by email.

  • Enables the use of up to three instruments at the focal plane of a telescope.
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled in Germany
  • The light passes through the IMP either undisturbed to the rear port (port 1 with 85 mm free diameter), or it can be deflected to the left or right (ports 2 and 3 with 67 mm free diameter) via two automated 40 x 40 mm mirrors with BBHS coating.
  • These ports can be used for various other optical instruments like spectrographs, video cameras, planetary cameras or a simple eyepiece.
  • Can be controlled by a keypad or remotely via a webinterface.
  • Massive CNC machined housing made of dural aluminium carries even the heaviest loads fo large cameras
  • Power-over-Ethernet via the RJ45 ethernet port. In addition the device can also be powered by a standard 12V hollow plug 5.5/2.1. 12V power supply is included in the scope of delivery
  • Connections telescope-side: 120 x 7.5 mm dovetail mount
  • Connection Port 1 camera-side: 120 x 7.5 mm dovetail mount
  • Connestion Port 2 and Port 3 camera-side: M68x1 female
  • Available (optional) telescope-adapters, like e.g. PlaneWabve Instruments Hedrick Fokussierer, 3,5" Feathertouch, Alluna Optics M100, M68x1, GO1, AZ5000 and various others, as well as available (optional) Camera-Adapter for various cameras are available from stock or on demand.


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