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Delta Rho 500 f/3 telescope with Cassegrain focus

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NEW: PlaneWave DeltaRho 500 f/3 Teleskop

After successfully introducing the DeltaRho 350, the DeltaRho 500 is now available for transcending the challenges of-ultra wide field imaging. With a primary mirror that is fixed in place, collimation is quickly achieved with a simple adjustment to the tip and tilt of the secondary mirror. With more than twice the light-gathering power of the DeltaRho 350, maximizing the performance of your astrograph has never been easier.

From design to manufacture, PlaneWave Instruments goal, with the DeltaRho 500 was centered around creating a revolutionary wide-field telescope. The DeltaRho 500 is a Cassegrain Optical Design with the imaging train at the back of the telescope to prevent obstruction of the instrument. This offers a real advantage against prime focus designs, which can severely limit users’ ability to operate with filter wheels or large cameras. The DeltaRho 500 operates at f/3 and 1537 mm focal length, which brings the next level of astrophotography with large sensors and without the limitations of prime focus devices.

Last, but not least, the DeltaRho 500 provides a perfectly flat field, which ensures stunning clarity from corner-to-corner images without field curvature degradation. With decades of telescope design experience, the DeltaRho 500 offers the simplicity of single-mirror collimation, stray light control of advanced 3D printed baffles, and structural performance created through finite element analysis (FEA). DeltaRho 500 users can experience pinpoint stars edge-to-edge and a 2-degree field of view when using large 16803/4040 (52mm) size camera sensors. This field of view is over twice as large as our CDK 20!

  • Corrected Cassegrain focus optical design 
  • Aperture – 508 mm (20″) 
  • Focal length – 1537 mm 
  • Focal Ratio – f/3
  • 70mm Image Circle > 2.6 degrees 
  • Fixed Primary Mirror 
  • Collimation performed via 3 tip/tilt screws at the secondary mirror 
  • 9.166” (232.8 mm) from mounting surface (without focuser and rotator).
  • Backfocus of 5.81″ (147.6mm) with Series-5XL focuser and Series-5 Rotator installed (with focuser at midpoint of travel range). 
  • Built-in primary and secondary dew heaters with temperature sensors 
  • Compatible with L-500 or 600 series direct drive mounts. 

Important note: Soon available at Baader Planetarium. More details about the new telescope will follow. Illustrations may vary.

Fused Silica
Scope of delivery
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Optical Design
Corrected Cassegrain
Aperture (mm)
508 mm
Focal Length
1.537 mm (60.5 inch)
Focal Ratio
Image Field
70 mm
Back Focus (No focuser/rotator installed)
9.166 inch (232.8 mm) from mounting surface; 7.271 inch (184.7 mm) from lens cell
Central Obstruction
59% by diameter
Fused Silica
Optical length
35.1 inch (892 mm)
Optical Tube Weight
165 lbs (75 kg)
Tube material
Carbon fiber optical tube and truss poles
286 mm (11.26 inch)
Fused Silicia (quartz)
Enhanced aluminium - 96%
Optical Diameter
20 inches (508 mm)
Outer Diameter
20.8 inches (528 mm)
Fused Silicia (quartz)
prolate ellipsoid
Enhanced aluminium - 96%
Largest Lens: 160 mm (6.3 inch)
Number of lenses
Broadband AR Coatings (less than .5% reflecte from 400 to 700 nm)
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PlaneWave Live: Delta Rho 500 f/3 telecope with Cassegrain focus


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