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Delta Rho 350 f/3 telescope with Cassegrain focus

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NEW: PlaneWave DeltaRho 350 f/3 Teleskop

For many years, our PlaneWave team has dreamed about creating a perfect telescope for widefield imaging. In 2021, PlaneWave Instruments are writing a new chapter in their pursuit of continued innovation and we are excited to introduce our game changing Delta Rho 350 telescope. This f/3 Cassegrain focus telescope has an aperture of 350mm and provides a 1,050mm focal length for capturing stunning deep sky astrophotography. With a beautifully baffled 60mm corrected image circle, the Delta Rho 350 is sure to take your astrophotography to greater heights when imaging with large camera sensors without the limitations of prime focus devices. The 80mm backfocus after the focuser allows a variety of cameras, filter wheels, etc. to be attached to the back of the telescope.

Worried about operating fast systems due to image plane tilt? Need not to worry, the Delta Rho’s primary mirror is fixed in place like the CDKs. This makes adjustment very easy. In addition, PlaneWave engineers have designed a new ultra-short derotator and focuser that has an adjustable tip/tilt adapter.

In addition to the benefit of a fixed primary mirror, collimation could not be any simpler and all one needs to do is adjust three secondary mirror collimation screws. Cooling fans at the backplate and side of the optical tube helps ensure the system reaches thermal equilibrium quickly for an optimal imaging experience.

  • DeltaRho 350 f/3 telescope with Correct Cassegrain Focus and optical CDK design
  • Fast, portable, and stable widefield telescope with a baffled 60mm corrected image circle
  • With Fused Silica Optics and advanced baffling
  • Carbon fiber optical tube and truss poles
  • With combinable Serie-5 rotator and focuser. Together, the combinable rotator and focuser require only 70,6 mm (2.78"), so these parts leave 71,64mm back focus for further accessories.
  • Requires a crating #1323514. The crating will be charged extra
  • For Serie-5 Controller ready
  • Compatible only with Serie-5 devices

Important note: Soon available at Baader Planetarium. More details about the new telescope will follow. Illustrations may vary.

Fused Silica
Optical Design and Spot Size
Scope of delivery
Recommended Accessories


Optical Design
Corrected Cassegrain
Aperture (mm)
350 mm
Focal Length
1.050 mm (41.34 inch)
Focal Ratio
Image Field
60 mm
Back Focus Distance
5.6inch (142.24 mm) from Mounting Surface
Central Obstruction
56% by diameter
Fused Silica
Optical length
23 inch (584 mm)
Optical Tube Weight
46 lbs (21 kg)
Tube material
Carbon fiber optical tube and truss poles
190 mm (7.48 inch)
Fused Silicia (quartz)
Enhanced aluminium - 96%
Optical Diameter
13.78 inches (350 mm)
Outer Diameter
14.5 inches (468.3 mm)
Fused Silicia (quartz)
prolate ellipsoid
Enhanced aluminium - 96%
110 mm (4.33 inch)
Number of lenses
Broadband AR Coatings (less than .5% reflecte from 400 to 700 nm)
Manufacturer SKU
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PlaneWave Live: Delta Rho 350 f/3 telecope with Cassegrain focus


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