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CDK17 Astrograph f/6.8 with Fused Silica Optics

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PlaneWave CDK17 Astrograph f/6.8

The PlaneWave Instruments CDK17 is a 17 inch (0.43 m) f/6.8 Corrected Dall-Kirkham Astrograph telescope. The CDK17 covers a 70 mm field of view without any field curvature, off-axis coma, or astigmatism. The instrument weight is 94 lbs (43 kg) and comes standard with a back plate retaining ring ready to accept the focuser of your choice.

The abbreviation CDK stands for the optical system of the PlaneWave astrographs - a Dall Kirkham Cassegrain with a optical correction unit. More about the Optical Design (CDK)

  • CDK17" Astrograph, 17 inch with Borosilicate Optics or Fused Silica Optics
  • modified to Dall-Kirkham, with fully corrected image field
  • focal length 2.939 mm (f/8)
  • Delta T Ready, 3,5" Hedrick Focuser and EFA Kit separately available



Fused Silica
Spot diagram

PlaneWave Live: CDK17 Astrograph f/6.8


Optical Design
Corrected Dall-Kirkham (CDK)
Aperture (mm)
17" (432 mm)
Focal Length
2.939 mm (115.71 inch)
Focal Ratio
Image Field
70 mm
Back Focus Distance
10.24" (260 mm) from Mounting Surface, 7.24" (184 mm) from Racked in Focuser
Central Obstruction
23.7 % by surface area, 49% of the Primary Mirror Diameter
Fused Silica
Optical length
42 inch (1.067 mm)
Optical Tube Weight
106 lbs (48 kg)
No mount (OTA only)
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