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Ronchi Eyepiece and Adapter Kit for CDK12.5

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Ronchi Eyepiece and Adapter Kit for CDK12.5

  • Ronchi eyepiece and adapter kit to adjust the distance and collimation of the CDK12.5,
  • Distance between primary mirror and secondary mirror can be adjusted with an accuracy of +/- 1 mm.
  • Includes adapter from 2.75" to 2" for the Hedrick 2.75" focuser and 1 ¼" Ronchi eyepiece spacer rings
  • Made of black anodized aluminum
  • Please note: Planewave Instruments was able to optimize the stability of the CDKs by some mechanical optimizations of the manufacturing so significantly that an adjustment of the distance between primary and secondary mirror by the customer after delivery is no longer necessary. Therefore, the Ronchi eyepiece set with spacer rings has been offered as a separate accessory since 2020. The distance between the primary and secondary mirror does not need to be adjusted unless it has been changed after shipment


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