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CDK500 Telescope System f/6.8

Price: € 57,415.13
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Price: € 49,495.80
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PlaneWave CDK500 Telescope System f/6.8

Based on the technology of our PW-1000 (1-meter) Observatory telescope, PlaneWave combines its revolutionary optical systems with its brand new innovative L-Series direct drive mount that sets a new standard for small observatory telescopes.

PlaneWave CDK500 Telescope System f/6.8 consits of the CDK20 and the L-500 Direct Drive Mount with integrated high resolution encoders and high speed slewing.

The 20" CDK is a telescope optical system that is designed to excel at imaging on large format CCD cameras while remaining an excellent instrument for visual use.

One of the unique features of the CDK design is its ease of collimation and achievable centering tolerance for a telescope of its class. This assures the user will get the best possible performance out of the telescope. The end result is a telescope which is free from off-axis coma, off-axis astigmatism, and curvature of field, yielding a perfectly flat field all the way out to the edge of a 52mm image circle.

PlaneWave CDK500 Telescope System f/6.8 with Fused Silica Optics

incl. a CDK20 Astrograph and L-500 Mount

  • CDK20 Astrograph, 20 inch, modified to Dall-Kirkham, with fully corrected image field
  • with 8" Dovetail, 3.454 mm (f/6,8), 52 mm field of view
  • Delta T Ready, 3,5" Hedrick Focuser and EFA Kit separately available
  • L-500 can hold payload of over 200 lbs for CDK20
  • Zero Backlash, Zero Periodic Error
  • Incredible slew speed up to 50 degrees per second
  • With integrated high resolution encoders
  • Through the mount cabling
Fused Silica

PlaneWave Live: CDK500 Telescope System f/6.8


Optical Design
Corrected Dall-Kirkham (CDK)
Aperture (mm)
20" (508 mm)
Focal Length
2.939 mm (115.71 inch)
Focal Ratio
Image Field
52 mm
Back Focus Distance
10.24" (260 mm) from Mounting Surface, 7.24" (184 mm) from Racked in Focuser
Central Obstruction
23.7 % by surface area, 49% of the Primary Mirror Diameter
Fused Silica
Optical Tube Weight
106 lbs (48 kg)
Alt-Az or Equatorial configuration
Payload Capacity (kg)
200 lbs (91 kg)
Mount Weight
100 kg
Latitude Range
0 to 90 degrees, Northern and Southern hemisphere
Slew Speeds
20 degrees per second (standard); 50 degrees per second (maximum), both axes
Tracking accuracy
< .3 arcsecond error over 5 minute period
Pointing Precision
2 arcsecond
All-sky pointing accuracy
<10 arcsecond RMS with PointXP Model
System Natural Frequency
10 Hz or greater
Control system electronics
PlaneWave Interface dual axis telescope control
PlaneWave Interface (PWI4). Incorporates PointXP mount modeling software by Dave Rowe All ASCOM compatible
Homing Sensors
Home position sensors are included allowing the mount can find its home position on power up
Motor Torque
Approximately 20 ft-lbs continuous; 50 ft-lbs peak
Azimuth and Altitude: Direct Drive 3 Phase Axial-Flux Torque Motors
Motor Control
Industrial grade brushless motor control system and built in electronics
152mm disk built into the azimuth and altitude axes with stainless steel encoder on the circumference with reader yields 18,880,000 counts per revolution of the telescope. This translates to about 0.069 arcsecond resolution
Power Requirements
Accepts 120 VAC. Supplied with 12VDC 15A Regulated Power Adapter
Control system electronics
PlaneWave Interface dual axis telescope control